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Welcome to Wiki of Mozilla Nepal

Notice: Because of spamming in previous wiki, we have decided to give edit rights to only certain users. If you want anything to be added or removed, either ask the authenticated users or ask for an account stating your purpose.


We are a group of volunteers working on supporting the Mozilla Project in any ways we can. There are already many contributors working individually by developing for Mozilla from Nepal too. But, there are even more capable and interested people here. Our main focus is to gather such people and show them proper path to accomplish their targets. And our other objective is to contribute to Mozilla Project as a team, as Mozilla Nepal, instead of individual contributions. Also, we strongly support FOSS!! Who can join Mozilla Nepal? Anyone. Just show that you are interested to dedicate some of your time, even if it is just for 5 minutes. As you already know, this is a volunteer only group, so we do not force you to join the group. Or, even after you join the group, we do not force you to work compulsorily. Just work with your interest whenever you feel like it.

What are the advantages of contributing for Mozilla Project?

We Get to be part of a Global community, that is working for a cause - making the internet better and tell everyone that "Internet is a Public resource" Learn Grass root skills(it can be any area)- you can directly chat with anyone one from Mozilla Headquarters, attend meetings and share the ideas that they have A global platform to learn and experiment on, people have the freedom to work on almost anything and everything and it could be the next big idea at Mozilla(a add-on, an event, a poster design, a creative project ..anything!) Get to meet like minded people from around the world and can be great friends Get a "Letter of recommendation" tht could be a great add to ones resume Chance to do internship at Mozilla Headqurters Get invited to the International meetings We would also be helping to shape the future of the web. Ok, I am interested. So, What Next?? Well there are different fields where one can contribute. You may contribute in one or more fields according to your capacity and interest. Visit the Documentations for new members/contributors to know more details about contribution areas.


As this is the month (March) of Women, we Mozilla Nepal will be organizing an event, Namaste WoMoz to launch WoMoz properly in Nepal by gathering some interested female contributors and briefing them about Women empowerment in ICT and how they can contribute/help in the growing community of Mozilla. We will also have other general community discussions.

We know that number of women in ICT sector in Nepal is really less compared to number of men. It is increasing gradually in current time but not as much as it needs to. Is it because they are too shy or is it because they are searching for some platform where they can start from base instead of jumping right into middle somewhere? If that is the reason then we present you this platform specially for women in Nepal. Platform called "WoMoz". An international platform which is a sub-community inside the big Mozilla Community which is working on gathering all female contributors under one umbrella and work unitedly as well as to gather new female contributors from around the world.

  • Learn more about WoMoz here.
  • Learn more about Mozilla Nepal here.


This document describes the new vouching system for that is being released in July 2014. For more information on development of these vouching changes, see Vouching Refactor.


How do I get vouched?

Contribute! Once you have contributed significantly to any of Mozilla's projects, ask the people you are working with to vouch you on They will either do so, or will encourage you to make a few more contributions first.

What does "being vouched" mean?

Vouching is the mechanism we use for giving Mozillians access to special content. Getting vouched as a Mozillian means you have made a meaningful contribution. It allows you to view all profiles for other Mozillians and you get access to special content other Mozilla sites.

Being vouched means you have been accepted as a contributing member of the Mozilla community and may be given access to data and information that Mozilla only shares with those in the community who have made meaningful contributions. As a vouched Mozillian, you have access to:

  • View all profiles and join groups
  • Access special video content on Air Mozilla
  • Join the Mozilla Exchange Yammer network
  • Use other Mozilla apps as a vouched user

What has changed?

Previously, your profile could only be vouched one time by any vouched Mozillian. Your profile can now receive up to 6 vouches. Each vouch requires a comment describing how the person has made a meaningful contribution to Mozilla.

Am I still vouched?

Yes, though you may need to get vouched again before September 30th.

  • If you attended the Mozilla Summit 2013, you have received 3 automatic vouches and can vouch for others.
  • If your profile is associated with a email address, you have received 1 automatic vouch.
  • If neither of the above apply to you and you were previously vouched, someone will need to vouch for you again and give a reason. You still have a legacy vouch and can use the site normally until September 30th. If you do not receive a new vouch by September 30th, you will lose your vouched status until someone vouches for you again.

Why do I need to get vouched again? (for those who did not attend Summit 2013)

The new vouches describe what contributions you have made for Mozilla. Since the old vouches did not include a description, we want everyone to have documentation showing how they have contributed.

I went to the 2013 Summit and don't have 3 vouches on my profile. How can I get those 3 vouches?

Sorry we missed you - we used the best data source we had. Please file a Community Tools :: Account Help bug explaining which Summit location you were at and we'll get you those 3 vouches.

Are there different levels of vouched Mozillians?

Any Mozillian who has one vouch can search and view profiles in the directory. Any Mozillian who has at least three vouches can vouch other Mozillians.

Someone asked me to vouch for them. Should I vouch for them?

Only vouch for contributors who have make significant contributions to one of Mozilla's projects. If you cannot verify their contributions and do not know the person, ask them to have someone they have worked with vouch for them instead.

Can I still vouch for others?

You can vouch for others if your profile has received 3 or more vouches.

Who can see the information I add to my profile?

It depends.

  • Most fields on your profile have "per-field" privacy settings. You can set a field to "public", which means anyone on the internet can search for and view those fields (and therefore also can view your username). Also, "public" profile fields are shared through the API with any vouched Mozillian who requests a "vouched" API key.
  • You can also set a field to "Mozillians" which means any vouched Mozillian can view it. Also, certain reviewed applications have been given elevated access to the API in order to help Mozilla's platforms interoperate. These reviewed applications can read fields through the API that you have marked for "Mozillians" only.
  • is maintained by employees of Mozilla, including engineers, system administrators and database administrators. These people have access to the raw data of your profile in a variety of formats, but they only encounter it while doing their jobs.

Is there a limit on vouches?

Yes, a Mozillian can have at most 6 vouches.

Why is the vouching system changing? has outgrown its simple vouching model. Vouching wasn't well explained and it wasn't clear why someone was vouched. We are adding descriptions to vouches to explain why individuals are vouched. has become a mature platform and a valuable source of information about people who contribute to Mozilla’s products and mission, and it is likely to be important to Mozilla's ambitious contributor goals over the next decade. But has outgrown the authorization paradigms it started with. Therefore, in order to prevent data safety issues and questions about product integrity, we must design and implement an authorization system that accommodates current and future data and users. We are applying this system evenly to both the UI and the API.

Read more about the analysis of the original authorization system.


Upcoming Events & Roadmaps:

Panel discussion in ICT Meetup 2013

Mozilla Nepal First Anniversary

Mozilla Summit 2013


Namaste WoMoz

Mozilla Nepal 2nd Anniversary

Past Events:

Mozilla Nepal First Meetup

MozCafe with Mozilla Japan Team

MozCamp Singapore

Mozilla Nepal Second Meetup

Mozilla South Asia Meetup

Mozilla Orientation Sessions in Various Colleges

Firefox App Days, Nepal

Mozilla Webmaker Session


First webmaker hack at birgunj

Mozilla Meetup III

Open Data Day 2014

Kathmandu University Meetup

Mozilla Nepal 2nd Anniversary


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