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IRC Chat

These days most of the meetings are held in IRC and most people are confuse in how to join the channel. Some addons and website are available to join the IRC channel but below mention is best for firefox IRC.


  • Click here to connect
  • enter a nickname for yourself, then click GO (no channel needed at first, but you can put one in if you know where you're going)
  • look for a "Mozilla" tab right under the Mibbit logo and click on it (it doesn't come to the front automatically for some reason)

#ChatZilla – The Firefox Add-on There are several different applications which allow you to connect to IRC networks. The easiest to use is an add-on for Firefox called Chatzilla. The following instructions describe how to install and configure Chatzilla for use on the Mozilla IRC network.

1. Go to to download and install Chatzilla

2. Click the green Add to Firefox button

3. Click the Install button on the Addon Installation dialog

4. Once ChatZilla is installed, click Restart Firefox

5. Once Firefox restarts, close the Add-ons dialog

6. Now click Tools menu > ChatZilla to start the client

7. In the textbox at the bottom of the window type /server and press enter

8. You will be given a random username when you first connect. Usually the client will just use your computer username. If this name is already in use, it will use something like IRCMonkey21710. You can change your nickname by typing /nick nickname, where nickname is your desired nickname. You can also change your nickname using the dropdown box to the left of the textbox.

See the Commands section below for more IRC commands.

9. To join a channel type /join #channel, where #channel is the name of the channel you want to join. #firefoxstudents for FSA

More Details

If you are confuse on how to use IRC channel than please visit this link

Mozilla Channel

A channel for QA discussion #macqa

A channel for QA discussion specific to Mac #vistaqa

A channel for QA discussion specific to Vista #testday

A channel for Mozilla Test Day discussions #bugday

A channel for Mozilla Bug Day discussions #firefox

A channel for Firefox specific issues #thunderbird

A channel for Thunderbird specific issues #shiretoko

A channel for discussion about Firefox 3.5 #songbird

A channel for Songbird specific issues #developers

A channel for Mozilla development discussion #extdev

A channel for extension development discussion #amo

A channel for discussion #sumo

Commands for IRC

/join #channel :Joins you to the specified channel until you quit your IRC client or quit the channel

/leave Leave the current channel

/mode #channel +k password Sets a password for the channel. If #channel is not specified, the command is executed for the current channel.

/mode #channel +o nickname  :Sets specified user as an owner or moderator of the specified channel. If a #channel is not specified, the command is executed for the current channel.

/mode #channel +s Sets the channel as a secret channel. This takes the channel off the public list of active channels and topics.

/msg nick message Sends a private message to the specified user

/nick nickname Change your current nickname

nickname: ping Get a user’s attention (nickname is the name of the user you want the attention of)

nickname: pong Respond to a user’s ping (nickname is the name of the user who wants your attention)

/query nickname Opens a private chat with the specified user

/quit message Disconnects you from the current server displaying the message in all connected channels prior to quitting

/reload styles Some IRC clients, Colloquy on Mac in particular, stop displaying your messages in the channel window. If this happens, you can type this command to resolve this issue.

/server server-name Manually connect to a server

/topic topic Changes the topic of the channel. The topic is a message that displays first when you join a channel.

/whois nickname Display information about the specified user. This information displays in the server window.