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Date: August 26, 2014 Time: 10:00-6:00 Venue: SAP Falcha, Baneshwor Map to Venu:,85.3242,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x39eb19ba79bff0a7:0x422d93a5816bdd22


Mozilla Nepal will be celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary on 26th of August, 2014. So to mark the day with some outcome and a celebration, an event has been planned. The planned outcome of events are as follows:

1. Around least 3 Firefox OS Apps. 2. Around 30 Makes 3. Around 1000 strings localized. 4. Artwork

And at the end of the day, there will be demonstration session of everything that was achieved after which a small celebration dinner to mark the day will be followed.


Last year’s anniversary was focused only on celebration. We invited various people who had helped the community directly or indirectly for the first year and celebrated by talking about the journey that we completed and taking suggestions for next year.

This year, we want to do some celebrations too, but with some work. So we have planned for a half/full day event where the active community members will get together and work on our respective fields to with a targeted output. All the outcomes will be something that can be used to spread the word of Mozillla Nepal and Mozilla. More details below:

1. Firefox OS Apps

       We have number of good web devs in our community, but the problem is they haven’t dived into developing FxOS apps. So, we will work on developing around/at least 3 FxOS apps, simple or complex (depends on the developing team), on the day. The primary objective of app will be usefullness for Nepalese people in their day-to-day life, secondary global. Or, informative apps that can be used by people to get various knowledge or information about Mozilla/Mozilla Nepal Communities.
       If you have any app id

2. Webmaker Makes

       Maker parties are being held everywhere in the world right now. So, a maker party during the event for the makers is really a good idea. We will have a maker party too for those who have been working with webmaker in the past. The makes we have planned are to be informative, popcorn videos or thimble makes, that can be spread around the social media, blogs, newsletters etc. to spread the information and word of Mozilla. An example could be a popcorn video that shows the major works done by Mozilla Nepal till now. Another one can be a thimble page with informations for the starters in Nepal, (college students). Or maybe a popcorn video showing the usage of x-ray goggles. 

We will also be using the new appmaker to create around 5 simple apps.

3. Localization

       We have lots of localizers here! Really. But the problem is they have never met together and worked as a group. So, our localization process is going too slow with lots of errors. We will have all such contributors at the same workspace on that day, and start from basic guidelines of localization with around 1000 strings localized by the end of the day.
       Note: Talked with the localization veterans from Nepal, and according to them not to expect more than average of ~150 strings per person in a working day. So, ~10 (+-2) people will be working on localization, so estimated ~1000 strings.

4. Artwork

       Artwork won’t be given much focus, as per the current plan. But, if there are some attendees who would rather work on creative stuffs then they are free to do it. No goals set for artwork right now. But, we will be preparing for it too, with necessary guidelines from Mozilla pages etc.

Intended Attendees

       We will be handpicking most of the attendees for the event as calling new attendees for an event with limited time and certain goal may not be the most effective thing to do as we need to spend lots of time explaining stuffs to them. But still, we will have some new attendees too, who already have expertise in their respective section or know what they are trying to do (new to Mozilla, but veteran in their area). 

All the progress during the event will be tracked by a lead of the group who will also work as a facilitator.

Post Event Celebration

       The last one working hour of the event will be demo time. Everyone will demo whatever they have achieved or made during the day explaining problems they may have faced during the process.
       After the event, we will have a small celebration dinner for marking the completion of two successful year as well as one of the best event till date. We also plan to invite some guests who are not direct contributor but have helped us with our works indirectly by providing suggestions and feedbacks on our works.


   1. 10:00 am - Start the event
   2. 10:00-10:15 am- Welcome the participants and on the spot brief about the event
   3. 10:15-10:30 am Release of a dictionary app developed by one of the community member which will be useful during localization
   4. 10:30 - 10:40 - Grouping of Attendees
   5. 10:40 - Start of working hours. Parallel sessions on Development, Webmaker, Localization and Artwork will be carried out.
   6. 4:00-5:00 pm - Demonstration Time & 
   7. 5:00-6:00 pm - Wrap UP
   8. 6:00pm - Dinner

Everything will be documented by the group lead in every 1 hour. Videos/Talks of some of the interested attendees will be recorded during working hours.


1. Soft Drinks & Light Snacks will be provided after first quarter of the event for making the event less boring. 2. A Bingo game, the bingo table and bingo randomization number will be a locally developed webapp.